No More Fairy Tale Fluff!

We tell little girls they can be anything they want to be when they grow up – but we don’t show them what that actually looks like. Join me, and Calliope, as we interview real women doing real work in careers they enjoy.

No more fairy tale fluff!™

I’m Anna Doo, an entrepreneurial, insatiably curious journalist, designer and mom of two who loves hearing people’s stories and then sharing them with the world. I’m on a mission to educate young girls and older ladies on the vast possibilities of careers available for them to pursue. This is done through a weekly podcast and a series of printed children’s books introducing real women spanning a broad spectrum of careers to the readers.

As I conduct interviews and create podcast episodes, as well as collaborate with my illustrator in this endeavor, I’ll share our progress to publishing the first Calliope’s Quest children’s book.

Join me on a journey to empower young girls with real-world information on possible careers. Let’s show them that hard work, dedication, education, and perseverance can yield a career that they are proud of and enjoy doing.

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