Claire Ann Johnson Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Claire Ann Johnson is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Claire’s been utilizing horses in her therapy with children for more than two decades. Claire says that you should be curious and genuinely like people if you want to become a counselor. She says to really listen to your inner voice as soon as you can hear it when you’re young and don’t let anybody tell you not to do something that you might be interested in.

Claire obtained undergraduate degrees in public relations and family studies then went on to complete a master’s degree in counseling. From there she completed over 3000 hours of direct service in order to finish her license.

Claire has always enjoyed animals, especially horses, and created a way to incorporate the four-legged coworkers into her practice. She has watched the children thrive in that environment.

Claire has been able to craft her work and thus has found a work-life balance in which she thrives!


She regularly donates her time and resources to a number of organizations to include Tootsie’s Vision, a resource for blind dogs.

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