Ashlee Andrews Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Ashlee Andrews is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Eubank Animal Clinic as well as her house call service ABQ Mobile Vet.

She has known since she was 8 years-old that she wanted to become a vet in order to care for animals and their human companions. Dr. Ashlee says that each day is a new adventure and she truly enjoys her career. It’s not without its challenges as she feels she must be capable of performing animal medicine as well as be a people-person and a business-savvy employer.


Dr. Ashlee chooses to give back to her community through supporting Saranam and the Animal Humane Society of New Mexico.

Are you interested in becoming a veterinarian? What other questions would you like to ask a vet? Leave a comment below. Also, we conducted a video interview with Ashlee, watch it here.

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Sara Garrigan Executive Director of Non-Profit

Executive Director of a Non-Profit

Sara Garrigan has been the Executive Director of the non-profit Watermelon Mountain Ranch Animal Center for more than 5 years. She did not even know this was a possible career growing up but truly appreciates being in the position now.

Sara loves being able to work with animals each day and talk with people. She says you should have compassion, empathy and be a master multitasker to succeed in this type of role. Sara says that she loves making a difference and being able to work from anywhere for some of the tasks required of her. She also mentions that compassion fatigue can be the most challenging aspect of her role.


Sara enjoys being a storyteller and giving voice to those amongst us who cannot speak for themselves. She advises young women to go volunteer at every non-profit they can find in order to see the inner workings and identify if the work is something they want to do and if the cause is one they believe in.


In addition to her full-time role, Sara has worked hard to support the Relay for Life chapter and is an advocate for the American Cancer Society in addition to the Watermelon Mountian Ranch itself.

(*note, Want to see the dog who accompanied us during the interview? The video interview is posted here. )

Renee Holmes Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Renee Holmes is a mechanical engineer with a passion for math, physics, problem-solving and Belize. She works at Bladewerx in NM and in addition to her role as a mechanical engineer, she is also an operations manager being groomed to take over the company somedayRenee Holmes, Mechanical Engineer

She has also worked for Boeing and had many mentors along the way who have encouraged her to continue pursuing her passion. Her parents were very supportive also.

Renee says she was able to collaborate with many men and women who have continued to support her interest in creating products.

In addition to her career, Renee is Mom to a barely-one-year-old and she says that she is at the right place for her and her family right now. She says you have to enjoy the time at work because that’s time away from her daughter and husband. And she does thoroughly enjoy her work as a mechanical engineer!

A career that stretches you, but doesn’t defeat you, is the right choice.


Renee has a special passion for Belize. She and 9 friends recently conducted the Great Beans and Rice Giveaway wherein they raised money and created food baskets for women of domestic violence that contained rice, beans, pineapples, and ingredients to make tortillas. She called the project Little Chicken, Big Difference.

She and her husband also got married in Belize and had a service wedding where they all renovated a house for a mother and her children.

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Michelle Vasquez-Herrera Firefighter

Firefighter Engineer

Michelle Vasquez-Herrera is a career firefighter engineer with more than 16 years under her belt.

She says you must be willing to work hard, be physically fit, and react at a moment’s notice. Michelle says more of their calls are for medical emergencies than for fires themselves so they are all EMT certified in addition to their firefighting training.

Michelle has some great advice for young women, and for us all really:

Draw a map of your life, but do it in pencil.

Wise words from a woman who has crafted a life and career that works for her, her firefighting husband, and their two daughters.


Michelle has donated her time and resources to the Girl Scouts as a troop leader, Fill the Boot for MDA and Firefighter Random Acts.

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Liz Foott Safety Consultant

Safety Consultant

Liz Foott helps maintain the utmost safety for employees and customers while crafting her own work-life balance.

Liz Foott is a Safety Consultant who works with a variety of businesses on all aspects of safety. She enjoys being able to interact with hospitals, orchards, and trucking companies. She says you need to be self-motivated, be an excellent communicator, and a very good listener in order to perform well in this line of work. Liz earned the Associate Safety Professional certification in addition to undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as a plethora of on the job experience.

Liz advises young women to volunteer in all sorts of careers in order to get a good idea of the environment. She also says we can all be safety consultants by simply looking around our schools and homes for potential hazards and mitigate those risks.

Resources for Safety

Learning more about safety is an easy, safe thing to do! Visit the following websites for tips and ideas.


Liz donates her time and resources to the Oregon Habitat for Humanity as well as A Home to Share and Central Oregon Veterans Ranch.

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Claire Ann Johnson Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Claire Ann Johnson is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Claire’s been utilizing horses in her therapy with children for more than two decades. Claire says that you should be curious and genuinely like people if you want to become a counselor. She says to really listen to your inner voice as soon as you can hear it when you’re young and don’t let anybody tell you not to do something that you might be interested in.

Claire obtained undergraduate degrees in public relations and family studies then went on to complete a master’s degree in counseling. From there she completed over 3000 hours of direct service in order to finish her license.

Claire has always enjoyed animals, especially horses, and created a way to incorporate the four-legged coworkers into her practice. She has watched the children thrive in that environment.

Claire has been able to craft her work and thus has found a work-life balance in which she thrives!


She regularly donates her time and resources to a number of organizations to include Tootsie’s Vision, a resource for blind dogs.

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Career Talk With Working Women Episode 001

Career Talk with Working Women logo

Career Talk with Working Women Podcast Launched!

Introducing you to the podcast, Career Talk with Working Women, where we explore the vast array of careers and lifestyles women have crafted for themselves. I’m your hostess, Anna Doo, and I possess an insatiable curiosity about how women navigate work, life, and define what success means to them. Join me on a journey to explore every possible career; the challenges, the benefits, the work-life harmony. No more fairy tale fluff. Let’s talk about the truths, the nitty gritty for each career.

Women Working Together

I am interviewing women who are interested in sharing their thoughts, advice and journey with the next generation of the workforce and even those of us adults trying to figure out where we fit.

I want answers.

  • How do you know what you’re meant to do for work?
  • Does it change at different phases of life?
  • Or is it best to craft life around work?
  • What defines career success?
  • How can we change the rhetoric that a huge paycheck equals success?
  • Are there any parallels between childhoods of those women finding fulfillment in their careers, or is it all a whim?
  • How many adult women change careers completely at different phases of life?
  • And what triggers those changes?

All of these questions and more are what I aim to explore in this podcast.

Why a Podcast About Women’s Careers

The idea for this podcast came about after I had my second child in my mid 30s. I had never really gotten onto the path of a lifelong career. I had dabbled here and there in many different things. Most of them full-time Army National Guard work which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was a photojournalist for the Army National Guard and that afforded me the opportunity to ask people questions.

I am curious by nature and this trait has only strengthened the older that I’ve become. But once I became a mother, working full-time, taking care of two very young children, trying to be a good wife, and just be everything that I feel that I’m expected to be, working became much more challenging. I really didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

You know you talk to people here and there and they know exactly what it is in life that they’re meant to do. I don’t have that feeling. I don’t have that ‘this is me, this is exactly what I am supposed to be here to do.’ So I started asking around. I started asking other women who are in the same space of life that I’m in with young children and who maybe had budding careers that they either try to continue on after this phase of life and some of them stopped their careers because of becoming mothers.

Passionate Career Women

I also just talked to women who seem genuinely passionate and interested in the work that they did on a daily basis. I want to know what drives them, what gets them to that mindset. Is it really just identifying that this is what they are good at in life and this is where they can be of service to others and then crafting your mind and your brain around this is what I’m supposed to do? Or do people truly feel like they have identified their calling?

I have a number of female friends who have gotten past this phase of life if you will. They’ve had children, or chosen not to have children, and their children are grown and out of the house and so they’re back in the paid workforce. I wanted to ask them whether they are still doing the same jobs that they were when they began their careers or are they changing constantly in what they’re doing for work. How do they define what success is? Is it really the amount of money that they’re making? Is it that they feel like they’re making a difference or that they’re just genuinely happy in the work that they’re doing and the people that they’re doing it with?

I had all of these questions that I just started asking people. I started asking women in particular because I feel like we tell young girls that they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up. But then the examples that we show them are rock stars and actresses and princesses. While those are wonderful things to aspire to be, the vast majority of us are not going to make it to those careers.

I want young girls to be able to see women in all sorts of careers.

Podcast Guests

The guests are women firefighters, women zoo keepers, women scientists, women entrepreneurs, women who have worked in restaurants their whole lives; whatever it is that these individual, local, you could reach out and touch them type of women are doing.

Along with this podcast, I’m writing a series of children’s books that are going to highlight individual women doing their jobs. The first one is a firefighter. She’s been a firefighter for more than 16 years and she’s actually one of the guests on the podcast. You’ll be able to listen to her interview and then by springtime you’ll be able to find that book and purchase it. I will of course include that information once it’s available.

In addition to the firefighter I’ve also had the privilege of speaking with a mechanical engineer. I’ve had the privilege of speaking with a Ph.D. candidate in communications and a clinical counselor. All of these different women doing all of these different types of jobs and they’ve all found peace in their work. They’ve found a sense of purpose and that really resonates throughout the interviews.

They’ve all found peace in their work. They’ve found a sense of purpose.

I hope you’ll listen to all of the interviews. I really hope that you’ll give me some feedback and let me know what other kinds of careers you would like me to seek out that women are doing. I also hope that you’ll share those podcasts with other women who you feel might be struggling with identifying what it is that they’re supposed to do with their lives and accepting that what they are doing is enough.

I also hope to reach young women and young girls who are just starting to identify what it is that they want to be doing for the rest of their lives. Whether they’re in mid high school, late high school or even college and going through that phase of life where you’re really just sort of experimenting; trying this job, volunteering over here, seeing what kind of work this kind of career would entail on a daily basis. That’s what I hope to share here as I interview women doing different jobs.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know the Daily Life in a Given Career

I am asking the questions of what it’s like day-to-day. What’s been the most exciting thing that’s happened in their career so far. What are the challenges that they have. How are they creating and crafting a work-life harmony that works for them. Is it a career that allows you to do so. Or is it a career that you really have to craft your external life around your work life. I want all of those answers because I want to share them with you. I want you to be able to listen to all of these different careers and kind of go ‘oh man that sounds perfect, that sounds fascinating. That sounds like something that I could do day in, day out for the foreseeable future’. Then hook you up with some resources to find some ways to talk with other women in that same career or go and volunteer.

One of the guests is a director of a non-profit and her advice for young girls is to go volunteer, go try out spaces that you think you might be interested in and just see what they are. I think that’s great advice for all of us is to just volunteer and to give back to our communities. But bigger picture than that is to try out a whole bunch of different things.

My Career Background

I was afforded a loving wonderful childhood. I have no qualms about the way that I was raised. The only thing I would say though is that when I was raised and where I was raised there weren’t a whole lot of opportunities to go and try a whole lot of different careers. There really wasn’t a lot of rhetoric in my early education about a vast array of careers and only when I got to college did I start to really look at options.  I thought, well I can make this a career or I can make that a career. But then you’re already there and you’re going OK well I’m paying for this, so maybe I should figure out something to get a degree in and hope that I can create or craft a career and a life out of it.

My undergrad is in Visual Communications in Graphic Design and Website Design from the fantastic Northern Arizona University. And thankfully that has proven to be a space that I really, really enjoy. I love creating. I love the visual design, color theory, the psychology behind why we do this for branding and why we do that for a website and user experience. It’s all very fascinating to me and I’m still trying to craft a career out of it. It’s one of my other side hustles if you will,  is website design for small businesses.

But I really feel like I’ve had to kind of create that myself. I don’t feel like there was a very good resource when I was coming up for trying out a whole bunch of different jobs and just seeing what they are, seeing what they entail.

That’s the whole point of this podcast. It’s to talk with these women who’ve been there, done that, or are currently doing it, and just find out what advice they have. What they would recommend for young girls who might be interested in being a lawyer. What is the time commitment? What is the education commitment? How do you get there any way?!

I hope that you will enjoy listening to the interviews that I conduct with these women. They are fascinating, genuine, wonderful human beings and all they want to do is give back to the next generation and help other people find the happiness and fulfillment that they have found in their careers.

Support the Show

Would you like to show your support for the show? I’d love to have you join the growing community of backers at Here you’ll be able to have access to a patron-only news feed, monthly Q & A sessions, and lots of insider information that you just can’t get elsewhere saved especially for those who are able to financially support this show. I’ll see you there and thank you so much for your support.

Why Listen to Podcasts

Why Listen to Podcasts

We have this dirty word in our colloquial language these days. You know the one; it’s the immediate response to the inquiry of how are you, it’s the first word out of your mouth when a new conversation begins. I have made a concerted effort to not use the word, to dig deeper, to actually think of the answer to a friend’s question, to give a reply more unique and detailed than…”busy”.

Podcasts help to stop the busy. They break up the monotony of day-to-day life. They are a listen into what is going on in the world, topics of interest to your individual bubble, and if you are willing, a window into the greater environment of our planet.haiku poem to podcasts

We are busy. We place value on being busy and the busier we are the more revered we are. This must stop. Our schedules are full without any wiggle room or time built-in to breath and simply be. Listening to an episode of a favorite podcast can transport you away from your to-do list and into the broader mindset of the world at large.

Why I listen to podcasts

I listen to podcasts because I can do so in the car commuting between here and there or outside while I’m on a run in the beautiful Bosque. I don’t have to be in front of a computer screen, or sitting down with a book in hand (which I also love to do, but my attention span is woefully short these days).

I listen to podcasts because they are not news dictated by dollars.

I listen to podcasts because they are not news dictated by dollars. Rather, they are well-researched, fact-checked fascinating tidbits about the parts of the world that interest me. They are people’s own stories, told by the human who lived the experience like those presented on The Moth. They are two mom’s having a conversation about the challenges they are presently faced with while raising their children as heard on One Bad Mother.

Podcasts can be a lens with which to understand the digital world we find ourselves navigating. For help and advice in this regard, I turn every week to Note to Self, Reply All and IRL.

As an entrepreneur and a Mom, I am constantly consuming stories, tips, hacks, and the latest research in order to perform these roles to the fullest of my abilities. Thank heavens for podcasts like The Longest Shortest Time, Planet Money, The Venture, and Don’t Keep Your Day Job .

99% Invisible is everything design and answers questions I thought I was the only one posing. Are the animal sounds in documentaries actually captured in real time? How are computer algorithms designed? What is the argument for allowing for plenty of negative space in visual design? As a trained graphic designer, all things design interest me but especially the thought process behind how things are created and why.

Both comfortable and unnerving

Podcasts are simultaneously a guilty pleasure for me as well as a source of information. They validate the challenging space of life I find myself in at this moment attempting to navigate my new role as a mother, established roles as a wife and a soldier, ever-growing role of an entrepreneur, all while figuring out who the heck I even am!

They help explain the psychology behind the frightening negativity of the present tribe mentality of our society as well as the positive effects of misbehaving and pushing against preconceived expectations. These and other social science quandaries are examined episode after episode on Hidden Brain.

Podcasts are a half-hour to hour of storytelling giving me the permission to listen to other’s lives and struggles and successes. I commiserate with the mom who calls in to rant about the fact her baby hasn’t slept well for two weeks and she’s fed up with being awake all day every day while still expected to function and even be polite and pleasant as heard on One Bad Mother’s weekly segment on the topic.

I salivate when listening to a Gastropod episode on cheeses, especially since I couldn’t eat any dairy all year and crave it like mad! I find myself laughing aloud with Dan Pashman’s unwavering stance on what actually qualifies as a sandwich. I scrambled to look up gastrophysics when Pashman shared this emerging field on an episode of The Sporkful and immediately began dreaming of how I could study this specialty.

These are but a sampling of the podcasts on my subscribed list. Each fills my ears and captures my attention allowing me to stop thinking of my own immediate struggles for a time. They also serve as a planning tool for my business as I attempt to implement ideas I hear that may work for me. Because I listen to podcasts, I tend to begin conversations with juicy tidbits heard on an episode, and am able to add a layer to conversations that I would not otherwise have without the rich tapestry of podcasts.

Podcasts have led me on a journey to become more Bored and Brilliant: How Spacing Out Can Unlock Your Most Productive and Creative Self with Manoush Zomorodi of Note to Self. It was a week long series of guided exercises with the goal of creating the space to become bored, and thus more creative. Check out the book in the link above, or listen to the series of episodes here.

Listening to podcasts is an opportunity for information-gathering, expanding my horizons and pushing the boundaries of my personal bubble while also solidifying my previous stances on topics with like-minded hosts. I force myself to listen to the stories on This American Life that may not align completely with my own views, same to be said for The Moth. But these are real people, living their lives just as I am my own and they deserve to be heard.

Every story deserves to be heard.

As I build a library of podcast episodes to be launched in February, I am seeking out women’s stories of their careers. If you are interested in being a guest on my podcast, send me an email at

What podcasts do you listen to? Leave your recommendations below.

Executive Director of Watermelon Mountain Ranch Sara Garrigan

Sara Garrigan has spent the past five years as the Executive Director of Watermelon Mountain Ranch Animal Shelter. She worked her way up to her current position and has truly found a passion for helping our four-legged family members find homes.

Sara advises young girls who may be interested in working in the non-profit sector to volunteer. She says to simply go find a non-profit you may be interested in, find out how you can volunteer your time or services and simply be exposed to the world and all the options therein.

She says this position benefits from personality traits such as compassion, empathy, an ability to multitask and be a storyteller.

Sara has been a fixture in the local media over the past few years as she finds great value in being able to show the animals available for adoption and to tell their story (she even does some name dropping in this interview 😉 ).

Listen in and let us know what you think about working in the non-profit sector in the comments below.

Veterinarian Ashlee Andrews

I’m so excited to share with you Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Ashlee Andrews.

Dr. Ashlee is a veterinarian at Eubank Animal Clinic as well as her house call service ABQ Mobile Vet.

She has known since she was 8 years-old that she wanted to become a vet in order to care for animals and their human companions. Dr. Ashlee says that each day is a new adventure and she truly enjoys her career. It’s not without its challenges as she feels she must be capable of performing animal medicine as well as be a people-person and a business-savvy employer.

Watch our interview and then leave a comment below.

Dr. Ashlee chooses to give back to her community through supporting Saranam and the Animal Humane Society of New Mexico.

Are you interested in becoming a veterinarian? What other questions would you like to ask a vet? Leave a comment below.

Special thanks to Synergy Production Wing for capturing the video!