Ailesha Ringer Ph.D. Candidate

Ph.D. Candidate in Communication

Ailesha Ringer is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Communications with one year left until she has completed this degree. Ailesha has been pursuing higher education for 12 years and has always known she wanted to obtain a Ph.D.; she just thought it’d be in a different field than Communications.

However, her path to be where she now is, though a bit winding, has shown her how much she thoroughly enjoys parsing the world through the lens of the Communications discipline.


Ailesha’s advice for anyone interested in pursuing an advanced degree includes taking some time off. She says to finish high school, maybe that first bachelor degree, but then to take a minute and reassess and make sure you are learning what is truly interesting to you and what you can make a career out of. She says a Ph.D. is not for everyone and that it really needs to benefit you in the long-run in order to pursue it in the short-term.

Ailesha says you must be self-disciplined, highly motivated, thick-skinned, and be willing to expand your horizons. She adds that a tenacious curiosity will serve you well.


Ailesha regularly donates to Planned Parenthood, a community service clinic offering care to people from all walks of life who may not otherwise be able to afford the vast array of medical services the locations provide.

She is also involved in her graduate programs and volunteers when she can, most recently at St. Martin’s Hope Works.

Extended Interview

Special note** I had to edit the interview with Ailesha to fit within the format of the podcast. However, we discussed even more of the ins and outs of the world of academia, feminist theory, tax law, deep work, the value we place on academics, and much more! So as a special treat, I invite you to listen to the full, unedited conversation by clicking here Ailesha, Ph.D. Unedited Interview.

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