Susan Swafford Performance Development Strategist

Performance and Development Strategist

Susan Swafford is a performance and development strategist, a certified mentor and an entrepreneur. Through her company, CORE Advantage, Susan aims to learn about your unique goals and challenges and tailor a solution just for you.

Susan enjoys helping people be their very best selves and does so by utilizing her strengths and available tools. Susan meets with all sorts of people in all sorts of various life stages and assists them in identifying what their core strengths are, what their energy level is, and who they are deep down. She uses this information to help them align with the appropriate careers, strengthen relationships, and even works with organizations and teams to ensure the right people are in the best positions for them to thrive.


Susan says you should be sincere, open, vulnerable, structured and able to really listen to those you are helping. As an entrepreneur, you must be self-disciplined and it’s best to build a team around you in order to succeed.

She says to try to realize who you are at the core, make decisions that leverage your strengths and live out your passions.

We plan to travel, why not plan our lives?


Susan is an avid supporter of women. She founded W.I.N., the Women Investor’s Network. It’s an organic network of women who invest in life, business, and their community.

Susan is also on the Albuquerque Rotary Club Board of Directors.

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Renee Holmes Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Renee Holmes is a mechanical engineer with a passion for math, physics, problem-solving and Belize. She works at Bladewerx in NM and in addition to her role as a mechanical engineer, she is also an operations manager being groomed to take over the company somedayRenee Holmes, Mechanical Engineer

She has also worked for Boeing and had many mentors along the way who have encouraged her to continue pursuing her passion. Her parents were very supportive also.

Renee says she was able to collaborate with many men and women who have continued to support her interest in creating products.

In addition to her career, Renee is Mom to a barely-one-year-old and she says that she is at the right place for her and her family right now. She says you have to enjoy the time at work because that’s time away from her daughter and husband. And she does thoroughly enjoy her work as a mechanical engineer!

A career that stretches you, but doesn’t defeat you, is the right choice.


Renee has a special passion for Belize. She and 9 friends recently conducted the Great Beans and Rice Giveaway wherein they raised money and created food baskets for women of domestic violence that contained rice, beans, pineapples, and ingredients to make tortillas. She called the project Little Chicken, Big Difference.

She and her husband also got married in Belize and had a service wedding where they all renovated a house for a mother and her children.

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